Service launched in 2017 with PayPal Xoom

Tranglo connected with us in 2019

Skrill connected with us in 2020

Other global online payment companies in the pipeline

Single API account deposit to any bank account and two largest MFS in Bangladesh

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA with an office in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Founders with extensive startup experience with successful IT ventures in the USA and Bangladesh

Supported by the Central Bank and IT Ministry as part of “Digital Bangladesh” Initiative by Government

A single API to deposit directly to the customer account of the two largest banks and the two largest MFS of Bangladesh.
1. Sonali Bank Limited
2. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
1. Bkash
2. Nagad

We can also process BEFTN transactions to all the banks through these two banks.

We are offering instant credit on bank hour but our API can handle transaction requests 24*7*365. So you can send transactions to our API anytime.

Even on holiday, we can credit instantly if the account number is 13 digit for Sonali Bank Limited and 17 digits for Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. If the account number is less then that transaction will process on the next business day.

HomePay will notify you how much your fund available and when you should pre-fund for flow less transaction processing.

For MFS, sending transactions is real-time 24*7*365